Obama picks Solicitor General Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

HOT endorses President Obama’s nomination and sees many traits that will make Elena Kagen an excellent Supreme Court Justice for homeowners and ordinary citizens, since she knows that Equal Justice should apply to All Americans regardless of background or social stature. Obama said that “rather than accept a comfortable life as an attorney in a corporate law office, Elena chose a life of service to the law and all those whose life it shapes.” He described lessons she learned from her parents who stressed service, charter and integrity. How refreshing! We can only think of the recent Supreme Court decision about unlimited corporate campaign contributions and wonder if the outcome would have been different with Kagen there.

From the MSNBC News story and video below, Obama described Kagen as “one of the nation’s foremost legal minds” and cited her “openness to a broad array of viewpoints” and her “fair mindedness.” She has a reputation for bringing together people of competing views and earning their respect.

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