Public officials treating Criminal Acts as Civil Disputes

While Williamson County seems to “treat people guilty of an accident as though they were criminals,” the State of Texas treats criminal acts by unscrupulous homebuilders, including fraud, racketeering and corruption, as civil contract disputes rather than crimes. So I say to the Texas Attorney General and district attorneys, let’s go after the REAL criminals.

This thought was inspired by Mike Gauthier’s Letter to the Editor below

Punishment for son's death
I was deeply saddened by this story. What could be more tragic and emotionally stressful than losing a child to an accident? Charging Mr. Hu with a crime in this case borders on cruelty. There was no intent to commit a crime, and nothing was preplanned. Mr. Hu is guilty of nothing but a tragic mistake. I once thought of Williamson County as a place where you will pay the price for a crime, and that was good. Now I fear they have crossed a line and are treating people guilty of an accident as though they are criminals.

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