HOT REACTION to Supreme Court Decision

With the stroke of a pen and no public debate, the US Supreme Court swept aside 100 years of laws restricting corporate funding of political campaigns, making it clear that our Constitution is under attack by moneyed special interests, with serious implications for Texas homeowners.

CORPORATION AS PERSON – “The Corporation” is an award-winning Canadian documentary that describes the nature, evolution, impacts and future of the modern business corporation and the increasing role it plays in society and our everyday lives. Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 6 examine the corporation as a person and apply personality tests to conclude that it behaves as a sociopath or even a psychopath. Corporations are legally bound to serve the interests of shareholders and NOT society.

LEGALIZED BRIBERY – If a bribe is “Something, such as money or a favor, offered or given to a person in a position of trust to influence that person's views or conduct,” then the US Supreme Court just LEGALIZED BRIBERY in the name of Free Speech. Corporations contributing as part of a group or PAC are anonymous. Their money can help determine the outcome of ELECTIONS, but when they are allowed to contribute directly, they can also influence DECISIONS. That’s where the real danger lies.

UNBALANCED MEDIA IMPACT – Consider the advertising power of big corporations or groups like the US Chamber of Commerce versus that of individual consumers and small businesses. That power extends beyond the dollar value and includes reaction time – the ability to place last minute ads prior to important elections or decisions. Grass roots don’t react as quickly.

QUESTIONABLE TIMING – Does it seem odd that a decision overturning 100 years of law and having such a profound effect would be decided with no public debate? Apparently the Court decided to take up the issue
right after Obama was elected and the Senate got a 60% super majority. The final decision was handed down just days after the Haiti earthquake when attention of the media and citizen activists was rightfully diverted elsewhere. Yes, it's in very poor taste to imply that this was intentional, but it was convenient.

ELECTED VS. APPOINTED JUDGES – Texas elects its judges, making them susceptible to influence from campaign contributions. We often cite Houston homebuilder Bob Perry’s contributions to all 9 Texas Supreme Court justices and a critical case decided in his favor. Certainly campaign contributions are not the only way to influence decisions, meaning appointed judges aren’t immune.

MONEYED INTERESTS – If all people are truly “created equal” and have “one vote per person,” the Courts' decision circumvents the fundamental principles of our Democratic Republic, giving disproportionate influence to the rich, where
CEOs can make 1,000 time more than their average employees. (e.g. $50M/year CEO salary vs. $50K/year for average workers) This imbalance is clearly not in the spirit of democracy.

UNAMERICAN – What’s worse is that
multi-national corporations no longer consider themselves to be American companies. They serve global markets and self-interests, yet the Court’s decision gives them greater influence on our government than average Americans. The Court also opened a loop hole for foreign control of our government and a breach of national security. Is this part of The New World Order that conspiracy theorists talk about?

FREE SPEECH – Our Constitution does not equate money with Free Speech. The right to petition the Government can be done with no money at all. But by equating money with Free Speech, the Court gives those with more money MORE Free Speech. This is the antithesis of “One Man, One Vote” and “Fair and equal representation for all.”

BAILOUT MONEY – The companies that got billions of dollars in taxpayer bailout money can now turn around and use that money against us by bribing officials. This includes
big oil, big banks and home builders, Wall Street, insurance companies, and car makers. Impeachment anyone? Amend the Constitution? With their new ability to buy political candidates and influence decisions, that’s unlikely. Maybe an outright Revolt is in order.

BIG BUILDERS – From a new article we posted today, even before the Supreme Court decision “The big builders decided they wanted a more ‘direct connection to lawmakers’ after their experience lobbying the government for aid to combat the industry's protracted down turn” (i.e. the Homebuyer Tax Credit). The article describes how they’re breaking ranks from smaller builders and forming their own industry association. We added comments to make the connection to the Supreme Court decision.


  1. CHECKS & BALANCES – Legislating from the bench circumvents the system of checks & balances that our forefathers put in place with three branches of government: Executive, Legislative & Judicial). By giving moneyed special interests more power to influence political candidates and judges, our whole political system is in jeopardy. Forget debates between Left & Right, Liberal & Conservative, and Democrat & Republican. If corporate money can now more easily co-opt any political party, the new debate may now be between Corporate Sociopaths & Society.

  2. The only thing that will collapse the New World Order is the collapse of the world economy which is underway now. It is unsustainable and the usurous interest rates on money that began in the 1980's will lead to the inevitable exhaustion of the economy. The bigger they are, the biggest noise they will make when they fall. Then the nation will heal itself but not until then.